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Music Video Producers London - producers of music videos, spiced with special FX, animation, 2D and 3D compositing, motion tracking, graphics . . .


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Camera cranes, dollies, booms, lighting, blue-screen - we have it all!

Music Video Producers

We are fully equipped for music video production of any type, with the best facilities you'll find anywhere in London.

Music Video

We have our own leading edge digital editing facilities in West London including Avid and Final Cut Pro.

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The history of music video production

Music videos can take many forms, from the simple to the insane. Some are high tempo dance numbers with dozens of beautiful people moving in unison, others tell a story and almost take the form of a short film with characters and a plot. The crazier videos can seem like they exist only to bewilder and confuse the senses. For decades the music video has been a way to sell a song, an act or to create an image that sticks with audiences.

The earliest form of the music video came even before sound and vision could be mixed together on tape. Live musical acts would project images onto walls, to complement the tone, style or theme of the audio performance. This was just like silent films being accompanied by a live pianist, but the other way around.

When the era of sound hit the film industry, musical films became all the rage. Often advertisers would extract clips from the films of the catchiest musical numbers and use them as an early form of trailer to sell the film. The music video was officially born.

Another innovation in media changed how we used music videos once again when televisions began creeping into everybody`s homes in the 50s and 60s. Live music performances from the top stars were great ratings material, but you couldn`t get top musicians every week, so music videos began to emerge to fill the gaps and were big hits on TV. Bob Dylan is credited with the first music video as we know them now, with Subterranean Homesick Blues, released in 1965. With bands like The Beatles soon following, music videos became the new "in thing".

Music videos thrived throughout the 60's and 70's, aided by a number of new film-makers who were graduating from film schools everywhere. Directing music videos for top bands was a great way to make a name for yourself. This attitude, along with increased budgets meant that the videos began taking on a life of their own. This was magnified in the 80's with the arrival of MTV   Music Television - in the USA. A huge ratings hit and a large part of the youth culture of the day. Videos would now "Premier" on MTV to much fanfare and the video was seen as being just as important to the success of a song as the music itself. Acts like Michael Jackson and Aerosmith elevated their profiles hugely through well known, expensive, eye-catching music videos.

While MTV and music television channels in general have seen a decline in recent years, the music video lives on thanks to the internet. With viral internet campaigns, social media like twitter and facebook and internet music downloads available, there are now more platforms than ever to watch a music video on. Bands have web pages and youtube accounts with videos getting millions of hits. Technical advancements in digital special FX mean that the quality of music videos can match that of Hollywood now. An amazing music video that gets hundreds of thousands of hits can still be a launching pad for a young director who wants to break into films. It works the other way too, with many film directors making amazing music videos for famous bands.

As an advertising tool, videos are as effective now as they ever have been. Word spreading online of a cool video can get people listening to your music who would otherwise never have encountered you. Next time you line up to buy Boxoffice tickets for your favourite band, just ask yourself "Where did I hear about these guys again?" There is a fair chance that you first saw them because a friend sent you a link to that cool video they made.




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